25 Video Marketing Statistics to Kickstart 2018


Video marketing is everywhere on social media, and with good reason. Some would describe it as the easiest and most direct way of getting a message across all social media platforms. For others video is by far the most personable, interactive and engaging way of reaching their customers… and these are just a handful of the benefits.

The sheer volume of videos that are out there might seem mind blowing but actually that’s what makes it an equally exciting opportunity. Savvy marketers everywhere would do well to ride the wave of video marketing in order to spread their brand messages wider and open up a two-way communication with their audience.

So what’s the best way to capitalise on the power of video? It’s recognised that the human eye can’t help but be drawn to the movement and colour of video, but what stand out marketing statistics can really assist marketers understand how else video can catch their consumer’s attention.

We’ve compiled this list to help based on Live Video, Viewing Behaviour, Facebook Video, YouTube Video, Snapchat/Instagram Video and Video Impact….

Live video

Social media has made it easier than ever for brands to showcase live events, promotions, and experiences. Live videos have high engagement rates and are proven to draw more viewers than pre-recorded offerings.

Viewing behaviour

It’s very important to understand consumer viewing behaviour. However, it’s also worth noting that viewing behaviour is adapting and changing at a rapid rate. One of the most important takeaways here is that people are much more responsive to short and succinct videos that relay engaging brand messages or product information. Consumers want their information given in quick, concise chunks – and since it’s often seen on mobile – preferably viewable without sound.

  • Over half of all social media videos are watched on a mobile device.
  • Shorter video formats work best – videos under 5 minutes dominate 55% of video viewing on smartphones.
  • 85% of Facebook videos are watched on mute. So while adding music can be successful it should be considered peripheral, whereas overprints or subtitles are a must and even proven to increase view time by an average of 12%.

Facebook video

Facebook is the single largest social media platform out there, with staggeringly huge potential for reaching large, targeted audiences. In recent years, Facebook has put a lot of effort in to making its video services more attractive to both marketers and consumers alike – and it’s been paying off in a big way!

YouTube video

The fact that YouTube is one of the most viewed platforms for video advertising cannot be denied. It has universal popularity as a video sharing platform with immense reach and in some age brackets has overtaken cable TV channels in terms of prime time viewing hours.

Snapchat/Instagram video

  • Snapchat vids carry 2X more purchase intent potential than any other video platform
  • Instagram Stories gained 100 million users in the first month alone and continues to grow.
  • 50% of companies using Instagram used the Story feature in July 2017 with 20% of organic stories receiving direct messages in response.

Video marketing impact

Video impact varies across channels and formats – but video at all times remains the single most impactful form of social content available!


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