The 12 Best Social Media Tools For Teams


From social sharing to metric measuring.
Social media has fast become one of the most essential marketing channels available today but with so many platforms to manage, trying to create, launch and tailor a social media strategy can really get your head in a spin. How can you make sure your team of social specialists are all pulling in the same direction, let alone making efficient use of their time? Well fear not, because here we are with a run-down of some of the best social media tools for teams at your disposal for social media management.

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1) Smarp

Smarp is an employee advocacy tool which makes it easy for your social media team to share not only your content but selected relevant third-party content. In addition, Smarp also enables employees to comment on and suggest content which in turn builds collaboration within the team and helps boost creativity too. Not only that, but it helps you harness the power of your company’s employees with some handy Employee Advocacy tools, allowing all staff to contribute to your brand’s image through social sharing and engagement. Tracking advocacy and handing out points-based awards also helps you combat the recent Facebook newsfeed update, ensuring that real people are interacting, sharing and commenting on your content and increasing reach organically rather than relying on promotion.

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2) Meet Edgar

As well as having a friendly name, Meet Edgar, automates some social media tasks which can be tailored for a particular team/campaign. It queues posts, and schedules them all by itself. It also allows teams to seamlessly find and relocate past content, enabling distribution to greater audiences as a campaign or project gains momentum. Basically, Meet Edgar gives new content the best distribution chance it can have, and gives old content a second chance at the big time!

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3) Anders Pink

Anders Pink is a platform from the people behind Buzz Sumo which curates content. It enables your social media team to locate the content most relevant to your niche or campaign, and, should you so wish, to brief a group on both that content and the wider issues it may raise before release.

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4) Buffer

Buffer might be one you’re familiar with – not only has it been around since the dawn of time, it’s amassed well over 3 million users, and quite frankly, it rocks. Buffer makes streamlined posting simple and straightforward, allowing publishing and scheduling across multiple social media platforms and accounts easy, plus it lets your teams collaborate by reviewing/approving posts ahead of release.

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5) Inoreader

In at number five of our best social media tools for teams, Inoreader. Anders Pink (see above) is fantastic for helping you find topic-relevant third-party content on social media but Inoreader will help you curate content from sites you’re already familiar with. Inoreader is a sophisticated news reading tool, which will subscribe you to blogs of your choice, scan them for you, and flag relevant content according to cues you give it. It also lets you push these flags out to your entire team and further, depending on what you need and the extent of your resources.

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6) Brand 24

Brand 24 gives teams an insight into the social mentions bout their brand. Brand 24 picks up on comments, blogs, posts, articles, or anything else said online about your brand, and brings it to your team’s attention in accordance with custom-set priority parameters. This enables social media teams to respond to comments and criticisms in double-quick time.

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7) Triberr

One of the fastest ways to grow is to tap in to niche interest communities, or tribes, to bring your content to their attention. Essentially, this involves people or brands with like-minded interests banding together to discuss, share, and promote one another’s content. Triberr makes this easy by giving the option to create a ‘tribe’ and inviting other bloggers/brands to join in. Feeds, blogs, social media pages, and so on can be connected to the group, and Triberr provides a space in which to comment and share with people of similar interests.

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8) Nuzzel

Nuzzel ranks the most popular news items from your entire network of followers. That means articles or posts shared by those that follow you – your first-degree audience – or followers of your followers – your second-degree audience. This can give you deeper insight in to what’s happening in your social and corporate circles, ultimately enabling a more responsive and relevant follow up.

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 9) Sendible

Sendible is an organisational tool specifically designed for agencies who need to manage multiple clients. The focus here is allowing teams to easily organise their social media accounts in a simple and comprehensive manner. It will schedule posts, collaborate with team members, analyse post performance and even plug in to related CRMs. It’s basically Hootsuite but designed from the ground up with agencies in mind. Very useful indeed.

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10) Nuvi

Nuvi provides users with the ability to monitor, analyse, and gain insights into conversations and content, throwing up patterns which you and your team members may otherwise have missed. It will also give you handy data visualisations, which can provide a real bigger-picture aid to the decision-making process.

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11) Slack

Slack is, an all-purpose, team messaging chatroom. It offers everything your team might need for a productive, collaborative and happier, project. Its main feature is the ability to integrate with almost every enterprise and productivity product available, allowing you to streamline your workflow from the get-go. At the same time, all communication takes place in a shared workspace meaning conversations are organised and accessible to all team members. Add to that the ability to voice/video call and you’ve got a fantastic platform for sharing hints and tips, dropping useful links, holding meetings, blue-sky spit balling or generally sharing any amazing ideas for content marketing and beyond.

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12) SocialDrift

And last but not least in out list of best social media tools for teams, SocialDrift. Specifically created for Instagram users this one is especially useful for growing followers organically. The platform looks to improve your Instagram brand recognition by driving follows and generating likes and comments automatically by targeting a pre-set demographic.  Using Artificial Intelligence, SocialDrift interacts with the optimal users in your target audience, on your behalf so you get real followers, real activity and ultimately, real growth.

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