Social media word-count: Know your limit

Social media word-count

When it comes to writing posts for social, it’s important to know what the word-count is for each of the different social media platforms. That said, ‘less is more’ is often the best mantra to follow. Just because Facebook has a character limit of 63,206 characters, it doesn’t mean that you need to reach that limit in every (or any) post. The key to keeping your audience engaged is often simply to keep your posts short and concise.

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10 best Apps For Instagram Stories to Keep Your Followers Engaged.

10 best Apps For Instagram Stories

Take your Instagram to the next level with these 10 best apps for Instagram stories. We all know they’re an important tool but they can easily start to take up way too much of your time and STILL look a little less than perfect. How many times have you started a Story and scrapped it to start over?

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Social Media and Marketing Automation

Marketing automation

Could social media and marketing automation be the perfect partnership?

Social media has revolutionised marketing. It’s revolutionised the world, actually, but marketing has experienced perhaps some of the most wide-ranging changes. Social media allows unprecedented access to consumer data and provides us with actionable insight in to their habits, interests, likes and dislikes, like never before.

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The 12 Best Social Media Tools For Teams

Best social media tools for teams


From social sharing to metric measuring.
Social media has fast become one of the most essential marketing channels available today but with so many platforms to manage, trying to create, launch and tailor a social media strategy can really get your head in a spin. How can you make sure your team of social specialists are all pulling in the same direction, let alone making efficient use of their time? Well fear not, because here we are with a run-down of some of the best social media tools for teams at your disposal for social media management.

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